Study on the influence of supertall building load on adjacent tunnel subsidence

Xu, Yan; Yan, Xuexin; Yang, Tianliang

With the rapid growth of economy in coastal megacities, the construction of supertall buildings with deep pile foundations adjacent to tunnels in soft soil is inevitable. The additional subsidence of tunnel and long-term subsidence of soft soil was appeared caused by the supertall building load transferred through pile foundation. In this paper, a typical case in Shanghai where deep piles of supertall building group adjacent to a metro tunnel was selected, and the long-term monitoring data of tunnel deformation was collected and analysed. The layered subsidence of surrounding soft soil was analysed by using the monitoring data of extensometers in a land subsidence monitoring station near the study area. The results of data analysis showed that the construction of supertall building had a significant impact on the adjacent tunnel subsidence. Moreover, with the increase of the load transferred from building structure to pile foundation, the adjacent tunnel appeared sustained uneven subsidence. And the subsidence of tunnel in the study area mainly depended on the deformation of underlying soil.



Xu, Yan / Yan, Xuexin / Yang, Tianliang: Study on the influence of supertall building load on adjacent tunnel subsidence. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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