Research on the HMCVT gear shifting smoothness of the four-speed self-propelled cotton picker

Bao, Mingxi; Ni, Xiangdong; Zhao, Xin; Li, Shen

To improve the HMCVT gear shifting smoothness of the self-propelled cotton picker, the quadratic orthogonal rotation test was carried out through the HMCVT test bench and control system with engine speed, clutch oil pressure, flow control valve, load torque, displacement ratio as the influencing factors while jerk, dynamic load coefficient, speed drop, weighted acceleration RMS, frictional work as the response indexes. The mathematical model between the response indexes and the influencing factors was established through the data processing software Design Expert 10. After the single factor and multi-factor experimental analyses, the parameters were optimized based on the response surface methodology to obtain the optimal parameters. The test was carried out on the HMCVT test bench with the optimized parameter combination. The engine output speed was 900 rpm, the clutch oil pressure was 3.5 inline-formulaMPa, the flow control valve was 4.9 inline-formulaL min−1, the load torque was 130 inline-formulaNm and the displacement ratio was inline-formula−0.93. The result was as follows: the jerk was 5.04 inline-formulam s−3, the weighted acceleration RMS was 0.467, the speed drop was 20.32 rpm and the dynamic load coefficient was 12.16. This study provides reference for the smooth shifting of the self-propelled cotton picker, which is of a certain significance to promote the operation of the self-propelled cotton picker under multiple working conditions.



Bao, Mingxi / Ni, Xiangdong / Zhao, Xin / et al: Research on the HMCVT gear shifting smoothness of the four-speed self-propelled cotton picker. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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