Late Holocene (0–6 ka) sea-level changes in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia

Bender, Maren; Mann, Thomas; Stocchi, Paolo; Kneer, Dominik; Schöne, Tilo; Illigner, Julia; Jompa, Jamaluddin; Rovere, Alessio

The Spermonde Archipelago, off the coast of southwest Sulawesi, consists of more than 100 small islands and hundreds of shallow-water reef areas. Most of the islands are bordered by coral reefs that grew in the past in response to paleo relative sea-level changes. Remnants of these reefs are preserved today in the form of fossil microatolls. In this study, we report the elevation, age, and paleo relative sea-level estimates derived from fossil microatolls surveyed in five islands of the Spermonde Archipelago. We describe 24 new sea-level index points, and we compare our dataset with both previously published proxies and with relative sea-level predictions from a set of 54 glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) models, using different assumptions on both ice melting histories and mantle structure and viscosity. We use our new data and models to discuss Late Holocene (0–6 ka) relative sea-level changes in our study area and their implications in terms of modern relative sea-level estimates in the broader South and Southeast Asia region.



Bender, Maren / Mann, Thomas / Stocchi, Paolo / et al: Late Holocene (0–6 ka) sea-level changes in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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