Field testing of a local wind inflow estimator and wake detector

Schreiber, Johannes; Bottasso, Carlo L.; Bertelè, Marta

This paper presents the field validation of a method to estimate the local wind speed on different sectors of a turbine rotor disk. Each rotating blade is used as a scanning sensor that, traveling across the rotor disk, samples the inflow. From the local speed estimates, the method can reconstruct the vertical wind shear and detect the presence and location on an impinging wake shed by an upstream wind turbine. Shear and wake awareness have multiple uses, from turbine and farm control to monitoring and forecasting.

This validation study is conducted with an experimental data set obtained with two multi-megawatt wind turbines and a hub-tall met mast. Practical and simple procedures are presented and demonstrated to correct for the possible miscalibration of sensors.

Results indicate a very good correlation between the estimated vertical shear and the one measured by the met mast. Additionally, the proposed method exhibits a remarkable ability to locate and track the motion of an impinging wake on an affected rotor.



Schreiber, Johannes / Bottasso, Carlo L. / Bertelè, Marta: Field testing of a local wind inflow estimator and wake detector. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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