Dynamic parameters identification of a haptic interface for a helicopter flight simulator

Zhao, Dingxuan; Zhang, Jianyao; Carbone, Giuseppe; Yang, Haojie; Ni, Tao; Yao, Shuangji

The haptic interface force feedback is one of the key factors for a reliable flight simulation. This paper addresses the design and control implementation of a simple joystick-like haptic interface to be used for a helicopter flight simulator. The expression of the haptic interface force is obtained by dynamic analysis of the haptic interface operation. This paper proposes a new strategy aiming at avoiding the use of an expansive and complex force/torque sensor. Accordingly, specific dynamic model is implemented by including Stribeck friction to describe the friction moment. Experimental data are processed as based on a genetic algorithm for identifying the dynamic parameters in the Stribeck friction model. This allows to obtain the friction moment parameters of the haptic interface, as well as the torque distribution due to gravity and the rotational inertia parameters of the haptic interface for the calculation of the haptic interface force. Experimental tests are carried out and results are used to validate the proposed dynamic model and dynamic parameter identification method and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed force feedback while using a cheap photoelectric sensor instead of an expansive force/torque sensor.



Zhao, Dingxuan / Zhang, Jianyao / Carbone, Giuseppe / et al: Dynamic parameters identification of a haptic interface for a helicopter flight simulator. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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