Model-based climatology of diurnal variability in stratospheric ozone as a data analysis tool

Frith, Stacey M.; Bhartia, Pawan K.; Oman, Luke D.; Kramarova, Natalya A.; McPeters, Richard D.; Labow, Gordon J.

Observational studies of stratospheric ozone often involve data from multiple instruments that measure the ozone at different times of day. There has been an increased awareness of the potential impact of the diurnal cycle when interpreting measurements of stratospheric ozone at altitudes in the mid- to upper stratosphere. To address this issue, we present a climatological representation of diurnal variations in ozone with a 30 min temporal resolution as a function of latitude, pressure and month, based on output from the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) general circulation model coupled to the NASA Global Modeling Initiative (GMI) chemistry package (known as the GEOS-GMI chemistry model). This climatology can be applied to a wide range of ozone data analyses, including data intercomparisons, data merging and the analysis of data from a single platform in a non-sun-synchronous orbit. We evaluate the diurnal climatology by comparing mean differences between ozone measurements made at different local solar times to the differences predicted by the diurnal model. The ozone diurnal cycle is a complicated function of latitude, pressure and season, with variations of less than 5 % in the tropics and subtropics, increasing to more than 15 % near the polar day terminator in the upper stratosphere. These results compare well with previous modeling simulations and are supported by similar size variations in satellite observations. We present several example applications of the climatology in currently relevant data studies. We also compare this diurnal climatology to the diurnal signal from a previous iteration of the free-running GEOS Chemistry Climate Model (GEOSCCM) and to the ensemble runs of GEOS-GMI to test the sensitivity of the model diurnal cycle to changes in model formulation and simulated time period.



Frith, Stacey M. / Bhartia, Pawan K. / Oman, Luke D. / et al: Model-based climatology of diurnal variability in stratospheric ozone as a data analysis tool. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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