Different disaster characteristics of earth fissures and their influence factors in the Beijing plain

Long, Zhao; Yong, Luo; Yumei, Li; Fang, Tian; He, Liu; Kunchao, Lei; Te, Sha; Xiangru, Kong; Menghan, Lu

To analyze the generation of different ground fissure disasters, two typical ground fissures were selected. With geological survey and exploration data, the spatial characteristics of the Songzhuang and Gaoliying fissures were investigated. The different occurrence factors for the Songzhuang and Gaoliying fissures were analyzed based on geological structure and groundwater. The conclusions contain are as follows. The affected body of the Songzhuang fissure exhibits obvious tensile deformation, and it is not contact with buried faults. The fracture-affected body of the Gaoliying fissure shows obvious vertical dislocation and shear, and this is compounded with buried faults. The distribution characteristic of the Songzhuang fissure was controlled by the tectonics and the normal fault, while the buried fault not only control the distribution feature of the Gaoliying fissure but also controlled its deformation characteristic. A buried fault is the geological background for the formation of the Gaoliying fissure. The long-term exploitation of groundwater has caused the horizontal deformation of the soil and the rigid rotation of stratum in the subsidence edge. Both of them are the reason for the tensile deformation. Due to the activities of buried faults and differential subsidence in small areas, the affected bodies of the Gaoliying fissure showed vertical dislocation and shear deformation.



Long, Zhao / Yong, Luo / Yumei, Li / et al: Different disaster characteristics of earth fissures and their influence factors in the Beijing plain. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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