Optimum design of the double roll rotary forging machine frame

Shi, Lei; Zhu, Chun Dong; Liu, Xin; Zhang, Yi

The equipment to realize the rotary forging technology is called the rotary forging machine. Compared with the common forging equipment, machine frame will bear a large torsion force in the working process, and the load in the forming process will eventually act on the rotary forging machine frame, and cause it to deform, thus affecting the rolling situation of the workpiece. Therefore, good frame performance is the premise to achieve stable rotary forging. The good performance of the frame is closely related to the structural design and structural optimization. However, at present, there are few researches on the overall optimization design of the rotary forging machine, and the lightweight technology has become the current trend. In the early manufacturing of low tonnage rotary forging machine, the lightweight design is not paid enough attention to, even if it meets the use performance, but the machine is bulky, which seriously reduces the utilization rate of materials and increases the manufacturing costs. In this paper, based on the existing rotary forging machine, the topological optimization of the main body of the rotary forging machine is carried out, and then the sensitivity analysis of the thickness of each component of the machine frame to the performance of the frame is studied, which provides the basis for the follow-up size optimization. Finally, the experimental verification is carried out, and it is found that the work pieces of the rotary forging are relatively good, which shows that the optimization scheme is reasonable and can be reduced on the premise of satisfying the performance weight, saving manufacturing cost.



Shi, Lei / Zhu, Chun Dong / Liu, Xin / et al: Optimum design of the double roll rotary forging machine frame. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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