Uptake selectivity of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) on fine particles over polynya regions of the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Yan, Jinpei; Jung, Jinyoung; Zhang, Miming; Bianchi, Federico; Tham, Yee Jun; Xu, Suqing; Lin, Qi; Zhao, Shuhui; Li, Lei; Chen, Liqi

The uptake of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) on existing particles is a major route of the particulate MSA formation, however, MSA uptake on different particles is still lacking in knowledge. Characteristics of MSA uptake on different aerosol particles were investigated in polynya (an area of open sea water surrounded by ice) regions of the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Particulate MSA mass concentrations, as well as aerosol population and size distribution, were observed simultaneously for the first time to access the uptake of MSA on different particles. The results show that MSA mass concentration does not always reflect MSA particle population in the marine atmosphere. MSA uptake on aerosol particle increases the particle size and changes aerosol chemical composition, but it does not increase the particle population. The uptake rate of MSA on particles is significantly influenced by aerosol chemical properties. Sea salt particles are beneficial for MSA uptake, as MSA-Na and MSA-Mg particles are abundant in the Na and Mg particles, accounting for inline-formula0.43±0.21 and inline-formula0.41±0.20 of the total Na and Mg particles, respectively. However, acidic and hydrophobic particles suppress the uptake of MSA, as MSA-EC (elemental carbon) and MSA-inline-formula M3inlinescrollmathml chem normal SO normal 4 normal 2 - 29pt17ptsvg-formulamathimg6060a0eb6022af681aa55d19b3180df9 acp-20-3259-2020-ie00001.svg29pt17ptacp-20-3259-2020-ie00001.png particles account for only inline-formula0.24±0.68 and inline-formula0.26±0.47 of the total EC and inline-formula M6inlinescrollmathml chem normal SO normal 4 normal 2 - 29pt17ptsvg-formulamathimga8455a3a3390243c17ea2f3ca419ac4e acp-20-3259-2020-ie00002.svg29pt17ptacp-20-3259-2020-ie00002.png particles, respectively. The results extend the knowledge of the formation and environmental behavior of MSA in the marine atmosphere.



Yan, Jinpei / Jung, Jinyoung / Zhang, Miming / et al: Uptake selectivity of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) on fine particles over polynya regions of the Ross Sea, Antarctica. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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