Global certified-reference-material- or reference-material-scaled nutrient gridded dataset GND13

Aoyama, Michio

A global nutrient gridded dataset that might be the basis for studies of more accurate spatial distributions of nutrients in the global ocean was created and named GND13. During 30 cruises, reference materials of nutrients in seawater or their equivalents were used at all stations, and high-precision measurements were made. The precision of the nutrient analyses was better than 0.2 %. Data were collected from the hydrographic cruises in the JASMTEC R/V Mirai cruises, JMA cruise, CARINA, PACIFICA, and WGHC datasets from which nutrient data were available. Analyses were conducted at 243 crossover stations. Cruises that used certified reference materials or reference materials (CRMs/RMs) for seawater nutrient concentration measurements were used as a reference of an unbroken chain of comparison to determine correction factors which made nutrient concentrations obtained by other cruises SI traceable. Dissolved oxygen was secondarily quality-controlled using the same methodology as was used to create the nutrient gridded data product, but, lacking a traceable standard, the resulting oxygen data product is not SI traceable. Finally, a dataset of nitrate, phosphate, and silicate concentrations was created at latitude and longitude intervals of 0.5inline-formula and on 136 isobaric surfaces to depths of 6500 m as an SI-traceable dataset. This dataset has already been published at: (Aoyama, 2017).



Aoyama, Michio: Global certified-reference-material- or reference-material-scaled nutrient gridded dataset GND13. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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