Wang, Y. S.; Zhang, P.; Wang, X. Q.; Wang, Z. Y.

With the gradual formation of the space technical system of National Geodetic Datum, the storage management and application services of the geodetic data have been developing rapidly. This paper studies Geodetic data content, characteristics, classification principles and classification methods in the geodetic technology system and initially forms a standard classification system of geodetic data. On the basis of studying the key technical links to the modern Geodetic Datum comprehensive data acquisition, storage, management and service, this paper has tackled the real-time data optimal storage based on DBFS technology. Technical problems such as multi-dimensional data integration and docking of the software, building a safe and standardized management and the geodetic data service system, coordinating the application of network resources, storage resources, computing resources and other soft and hard environment elements, achieving efficient management and service of land, sea and air integrated observation data results, greatly improving the management ability and application service level of Geodetic data, for surveying and mapping. Business operation of the benchmark database provides support and promotes the social application on geodetic results.



Wang, Y. S. / Zhang, P. / Wang, X. Q. / et al: RESEARCH AND IMPLEMENTATION OF GEODETIC DATABASE SYSTEM. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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