Oxygen dynamics and evaluation of the single-station diel oxygen model across contrasting geologies

Parker, Simon J.

In aquatic ecosystems, the single-station, single-stage inline-formulaR diel oxygen model assumes constant ecosystem respiration and aeration rate (notwithstanding temperature effects) over the course of a single night. The validity of this model was assessed for four small streams representing two geologies (Chalk and Greensand) over a 1-year period, by examining the behaviour of the nighttime dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation deficit for each night at points where change in DO is zero. The resulting value was then compared with the corresponding ratio (the regression quotient) obtained from nighttime regression analysis (Hornberger and Kelly, 1975). If model assumptions are correct, then these two values should be equal; where they diverge therefore gives a method of assessing the suitability of the model structure.

For two streams (one Chalk and one Greensand), the regression quotient persistently underestimated the observed DO deficit. These two streams showed similar timing patterns of oxygen dynamics with the point of minimum DO occurring relatively quickly after sunset in spring and early summer, although the two Chalk streams were more similar to one another in terms of DO magnitudes. Comparisons between different streams using the single-station model with constant inline-formulaR and inline-formulak on the presumption that it is equally appropriate in all cases may lead to misleading conclusions.



Parker, Simon J.: Oxygen dynamics and evaluation of the single-station diel oxygen model across contrasting geologies. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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