Effect of DNA markers on the fertility traits of Japanese Black cattle for improving beef quantity and quality

Kawaguchi, Fuki; Tsuchimura, Miyako; Oyama, Kenji; Matsuhashi, Tamako; Maruyama, Shin; Mannen, Hideyuki; Sasazaki, Shinji

Carcass traits have been efficiently improved by recent selection using DNA markers in beef cattle. Additionally, DNA markers might have an effect on other traits such as fertility traits; therefore attention should also be paid to such pleiotropic effects. However, the effects of the markers on both carcass and fertility traits have never been evaluated in the same population, since they are generally measured in different populations. The objective in the current study was to discuss effectiveness of DNA markers developed for carcass traits through investigation of their effects on carcass and fertility traits in a population. We genotyped six markers SCD V293A, FASN g.841G>C, PLAG1 g.49066C>G, NCAPG I442M, DGAT1 K232A, and EDG1 g.1471620G>T in a Japanese Black cattle population (inline-formulan=515). To investigate their effects on carcass and fertility traits, we performed statistical analysis (ANOVA and the Tukey–Kramer honestly significant difference (HSD) test). In the results, three of six markers, SCD V293A, NCAPG I442M, and EGD1 g.1471620G>T, were significantly associated with both carcass and fertility traits. Remarkably, the same allele for each marker had positive effects on both traits, suggesting that we would be able to simultaneously improve them using these markers in this population. However, previous studies reported that the effects of DNA markers could differ among populations. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the effect of the marker in each population before it is used for improvement.



Kawaguchi, Fuki / Tsuchimura, Miyako / Oyama, Kenji / et al: Effect of DNA markers on the fertility traits of Japanese Black cattle for improving beef quantity and quality. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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