An innovative STEM outreach model (OH-Kids) to foster the next generation of geoscientists, engineers, and technologists

Pedrozo-Acuña, Adrián; Favero Jr., Roberto J.; Amaro-Loza, Alejandra; Mocva-Kurek, Roberta K.; Sánchez-Peralta, Juan A.; Magos-Hernández, Jorge A.; Blanco-Figueroa, Jorge

Childhood education programmes aiming at incorporating topics related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have gained recognition as key levers in the progress of education for all students. Inspiring young people to take part in the discovery and delivery of science is of paramount importance not only for their well-being but also for their future human development. To address this need, an outreach model entitled OH-Kids was designed to empower pupils through the development of high-quality STEM learning experiences based on a research project. The model is an opportunity for primary school learners to meet geoscientists while receiving the take-home message that anyone can get involved in scientific activities. The effort is part of a research project aimed at the real-time monitoring of precipitation in Mexico City, which is a smart solution to rainfall monitoring using information and communications technologies. The argument behind this effort is that in order to produce the next generation of problem-solvers, education should ensure that learners develop an appreciation and working familiarity with a real-world project. Results show success at introducing the role of researchers and STEM topics to 6–12-year-old learners.



Pedrozo-Acuña, Adrián / Favero Jr., Roberto J. / Amaro-Loza, Alejandra / et al: An innovative STEM outreach model (OH-Kids) to foster the next generation of geoscientists, engineers, and technologists. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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