van der Lucht, J.; Bleier, M.; Nüchter, A.

In this paper we present the setup of a low cost underwater test environment. The employed materials and structures are described as well as the lessons learned during operations and experiments conducted in the water tank. We provide the bill of materials and a break-down of the costs involved in setting up the test site.

The goal was to build a low cost test environment for underwater applications, because our lab is around 40 minutes by car from the nearest lake. Also a natural lake is not an optimal location for first test and experiments, because the access to the water is difficult and logistics of equipment is time consuming. This work aims to describe what experiences we have gained during the time of construction. Which materials we used and what we would do differently next time. Furthermore, we describe the idea and process to place calibration markers inside the container and how the water thwarted our plan. We show that it is possible to realize a useful test environment for underwater experiments for less than €20 000.



van der Lucht, J. / Bleier, M. / Nüchter, A.: A LOW COST UNDERWATER TEST ENVIRONMENT. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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