Neural network for aerosol retrieval from hyperspectral imagery

Mauceri, Steffen; Kindel, Bruce; Massie, Steven; Pilewskie, Peter

We retrieve aerosol optical thickness (AOT) independently for brown carbon, dust and sulfate from hyperspectral image data. The model, a neural network, is trained on atmospheric radiative transfer calculations from MODTRAN 6.0 with varying aerosol concentration and type, surface albedo, water vapor, and viewing geometries. From a set of test radiative transfer calculations, we are able to retrieve AOT with a standard error of better than ±0.05. No a priori information on the surface albedo or atmospheric state is necessary for our model. We apply the model to AVIRIS-NG imagery from a recent campaign over India and demonstrate its performance under high and low aerosol loadings and different aerosol types.



Mauceri, Steffen / Kindel, Bruce / Massie, Steven / et al: Neural network for aerosol retrieval from hyperspectral imagery. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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