The adsorption of peroxynitric acid on ice between 230 K and 253 K

Ulrich, T.; Ammann, M.; Leutwyler, S.; Bartels-Rausch, T.

Peroxynitric acid uptake to ice and snow has been proposed to be a major loss process from the atmosphere with impacts on the atmospheric oxidation capacity. Here we present results from a laboratory study on the interaction of peroxynitric acid with water ice at low concentration. Experiments were performed in a coated wall flow tube at atmospheric pressure and in the environmentally relevant temperature range of 230 K to 253 K. The interaction was found to be fully reversible and decomposition was not observed. Analysis based on the Langmuir adsorption model showed that the partitioning of peroxynitric acid to ice is orders of magnitude lower than of nitric acid and similar to nitrous acid partitioning behavior. The partition coefficient ( KLinC) and its temperature dependency can be described by 3.74 × 10 −12 × e(7098/T) [cm]. Atmospheric implications are discussed and show that the uptake to cirrus clouds or to snow-packs in polar areas is an important sink for peroxynitric acid in the environment.



Ulrich, T. / Ammann, M. / Leutwyler, S. / et al: The adsorption of peroxynitric acid on ice between 230 K and 253 K. 2012. Copernicus Publications.


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