EuBrewNet – A European Brewer network (COST Action ES1207), an overview

Rimmer, John S.; Redondas, Alberto; Karppinen, Tomi

COST Action ES1207, EuBrewNet, was proposed to coordinate Brewer spectrophotometer measurements of ozone, spectral UV and aerosol optical depth (AOD-UV) in the UV within Europe, and unite the ozone, UV and AOD communities, through a formally managed European Brewer Network capable of delivering a consistent, spatially homogeneous European data resource. With emphasis on the ozone measurements, an overview is given of new calibration and instrument characterization procedures, which are then incorporated into new algorithms for the determination of total column ozone taking account of non-linearities and stray light effects within the spectrometer. A new near real time database is described where all raw data are processed centrally and subjected to the same quality control criteria. Data products are produced in levels that reflect the stages of quality control applied from initial near real time to final archive quality for trend analysis. Work is ongoing to complete similar procedures for the UV and AOD-UV data products. Governance of the new network, which has already expanded beyond the boundaries of Europe, will be overseen directly by the WMO Scientific Advisory Groups.



Rimmer, John S. / Redondas, Alberto / Karppinen, Tomi: EuBrewNet – A European Brewer network (COST Action ES1207), an overview. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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