Estimates of tropical cyclone geometry parameters based on best-track data

Nederhoff, Kees; Giardino, Alessio; van Ormondt, Maarten; Vatvani, Deepak

Parametric wind profiles are commonly applied in a number of engineering applications for the generation of tropical cyclone (TC) wind and pressure fields. Nevertheless, existing formulations for computing wind fields often lack the required accuracy when the TC geometry is not known. This may affect the accuracy of the computed impacts generated by these winds. In this paper, empirical stochastic relationships are derived to describe two important parameters affecting the TC geometry: radius of maximum winds (RMW) and the radius of gale-force winds (ΔAR35). These relationships are formulated using best-track data (BTD) for all seven ocean basins (Atlantic; S, NW, and NE Pacific; and N, SW, and SE Indian oceans). This makes it possible to (a) estimate RMW and ΔAR35 when these properties are not known and (b) generate improved parametric wind fields for all oceanic basins. Validation results show how the proposed relationships allow the TC geometry to be represented with higher accuracy than when using relationships available from literature. Outer wind speeds can be reproduced well by the commonly used Holland wind profile when calibrated using information either from best-track data or from the proposed relationships. The scripts to compute the TC geometry and the outer wind speed are freely available via the following URL: (last access: October 2019).



Nederhoff, Kees / Giardino, Alessio / van Ormondt, Maarten / et al: Estimates of tropical cyclone geometry parameters based on best-track data. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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