Close-to-process strain measurement in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning

Kimme, Simon; Hafez, Nessma; Titsch, Christian; Werner, Jonas Maximilian; Nestler, Andreas; Drossel, Welf-Guntram

The application of ultrasonic vibration assistance in machining offers many benefits over conventional machining. In some machining processes, like the generation of geometrically defined microstructures by cutting, the interaction of the system components and the machining process can be particularly crucial with respect to the production result. Monitoring of ultrasonic vibration-assisted machining in terms of the in-process measurement of frequency and amplitude is currently realized by measurement inside the actuator; thus, measurement is presently undertaken relatively far away from the cutting process. In this paper an in-process measurement set-up based on strain gauges positioned close to the cutting edges is presented. It is used to investigate the induced vibration in the ultrasonic horn. Experiments on machine samples with and without ultrasonic vibration assistance are performed using the in-process measurement set-up described. The results of the strain gauges are analysed in comparison to internal feedback signal and surface measurements. The experiments show the high sensitivity of the measurement set-up presented and a huge gain of information compared with the conventional measurement approach. This enables improved controllability of the excited mode shapes as well as in-process adjustment of the ultrasonic vibration frequency and amplitude for the manufacturing of defined microstructures.



Kimme, Simon / Hafez, Nessma / Titsch, Christian / et al: Close-to-process strain measurement in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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