Measurement uncertainty caused by distance errors during in situ tests of wind turbines

Reschka, Cornelia; Koj, Sebastian; Fisahn, Sven; Garbe, Heyno

During the assessment of the electromagnetic emissions of wind turbines (WTs), the aspects of measurement uncertainty must be taken into account. Therefore, this work focuses on the measurement uncertainty which arises through distance errors of the measuring positions around a WT.

The measurement distance given by the corresponding standard is 30 m with respect to the WT tower. However, this determined distance will always differ e.g. due to unevenness of the surrounding ground, leading to measurement uncertainties. These uncertainties can be estimated with the knowledge of the electromagnetic field distribution. It is assumed in standard measurements, that the electromagnetic field present is a pure transversal electromagnetic field (far field). Simulations of a simplified WT model with a hub height of 100 m shows that this assumption is not effective for the whole frequency range from 150 kHz to 1 GHz. For frequencies below 3 MHz the field distribution is monotonically decreasing with the distance from the WT since it behaves like an electrical small radiator. Whereas for frequencies above 3 MHz, where the investigated model forms an electrical large radiator, the field distribution becomes more complex and the measurement uncertainty of the field strength at the observation point increases. Therefore, this work focuses on investigations where the near field becomes a far field. Based on the simulation results, a method for minimizing the uncertainty contribution caused by distance errors is presented. Therefore, advanced measurement uncertainty during in situ test of WTs can be reduced.



Reschka, Cornelia / Koj, Sebastian / Fisahn, Sven / et al: Measurement uncertainty caused by distance errors during in situ tests of wind turbines. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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