Flow analysis with WaSiM-ETH – model parameter sensitivity at different scales

Cullmann, J.; Mishra, V.; Peters, R.

WaSiM-ETH (Gurtz et al., 2001), a widely used water balance simulation model, is tested for its suitability to serve for flow analysis in the context of rainfall runoff modelling and flood forecasting. In this paper, special focus is on the resolution of the process domain in space as well as in time. We try to couple model runs with different calculation time steps in order to reduce the effort arising from calculating the whole flow hydrograph at the hourly time step. We aim at modelling on the daily time step for water balance purposes, switching to the hourly time step whenever high-resolution information is necessary (flood forecasting). WaSiM-ETH is used at different grid resolutions, thus we try to become clear about being able to transfer the model in spatial resolution. We further use two different approaches for the overland flow time calculation within the sub-basins of the test watershed to gain insights about the process dynamics portrayed by the model. Our findings indicate that the model is very sensitive to time and space resolution and cannot be transferred across scales without recalibration.



Cullmann, J. / Mishra, V. / Peters, R.: Flow analysis with WaSiM-ETH – model parameter sensitivity at different scales. 2006. Copernicus Publications.


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