Wirkung eines homöopathischen Kombinationsarzneimittels auf Tiergesundheit und Leistung bei Mastschweinen

Bellmann, O.; Kanitz, E.; Tuchscherer, M.; Reinhart, E.; Ender, K.

Title of the paper: Effect of a homoeopathic drug on animal health and performance in pigs
In the modern pig production the animals are still affected by sub-optimal condition. Economical reasons lead to high population densities in the stable, which can cause a higher susceptibility to diseases and misbehaviour. In the following trial growing pigs (70th to 170th days of living) were kept in four different groups with different space allowance (lowest possible space allowed by law vice versus higher space allowance). The trial group was treated with Engystol ® via drinking water. Additionally to higher growing performance, the treated pigs had less lung and pleura affections as well as less withdrawing of lungs. In the groups of untreated animals tail biting did occur.

A treatment of growing pigs with Engystol ® leads to higher growth performance and better meat quality. Although there will be no improved performance while the pigs are kept under optimal conditions, the susceptibility to negative influences like stress, diseases, poor environmental conditions will be reduced. A strong analysis of the given situation is clearly necessary. A treatment with Engystol ® seems to be useful at specific points of interest like weaning, transport, movement.



Bellmann, O. / Kanitz, E. / Tuchscherer, M. / et al: Wirkung eines homöopathischen Kombinationsarzneimittels auf Tiergesundheit und Leistung bei Mastschweinen. 2006. FBN Dummerstorf.


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