The age at first calving and the longevity of beef cows in Hungary

Dákay, I.; Márton, D.; Bene, S.; Kiss, B.; Zsuppán, Z.; Szabó, F.

The length of time beef cows spend in production is an important component of the rentability of beef cattle husbandry. In spite of this fact, very few publications have dealt with this trait, either in Hungary or abroad. Therefore the aim of the present study was to evaluate some of the age parameters of beef cows related to the production period. A database of 2115 cows belonging to five breeds (Hungarian Grey, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Limousin, Charolais) and two crossbred genotypes (Simmental x Hereford F1, Simmental x Limousin F1) born between 1977–1992 was evaluated. Age at first calving (AFC), age at culling (ACU), moreover longevity (LONG) were studied. Longevity is defined as the number of years from first calving to culling. The mean values of AFC, ACU and LONG obtained were 2.71, 9.47 and 6.77 years, respectively. Breed/genotype and birth year had significant influence (P<0.01) on each evaluated trait, whereas birth month statistically affected only the AFC. Ages at first calving of the different breeds and genotypes were: 3.51, 2.08, 2.76, 2.82, 3.02, 2.03, 2.62 years, respectively. Hereford crossbred and purebred cows were the youngest, whereas Hungarian Grey cows were the oldest at first calving. Ages of culling of the evaluated breeds and genotypes were as follows: 12.42, 11.09, 11.03, 10.61, 10.89, 12.73, 8.15 years, respectively. The longest life span was reached by Hereford crossbred and Hungarian Grey and the shortest by Limousin crossbred cows. This trait shows a decreasing trend (from 15.35 years to 5.91 years) from the birth year of 1977 to 1992. The longevity values of the mentioned breeds and genotypes were: 8.59, 9.08, 8.29, 7.81, 7.91, 10.79, 5.55 years, respectively. Hereford crossbred and purebred cows had the longest, Limousin crossbred cows the shortest productive lives. This trait also shows a decreasing trend (from 12.45 to 3.31 years) in the case of cows born between 1977 and 1992.



Dákay, I. / Márton, D. / Bene, S. / et al: The age at first calving and the longevity of beef cows in Hungary. 2006. FBN Dummerstorf.


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