High-frequency atmospherically-induced oscillations in the middle Adriatic coastal area

Vilibić, I.; Beg Paklar, G.

Temporal and spatial characteristics of the resonant coupling between travelling air pressure disturbances and the middle Adriatic coastal waters are examined using a barotropic numerical model for a one year period (July 2000–July 2001). The model is forced by the travelling air pressure disturbances reconstructed from the 2-min resolution air pressure series measured at Split. Six experiments for the studied period are performed, in order to analyse the influence of the speed and disturbance direction on the resonant coupling. The first group of three experiments uses variable disturbance direction, whereas in the second three, a constant direction is employed during the whole experiment. Disturbance direction for the first group of experiments is computed from the 500-mb geopotential data provided by European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF), as it is found that all of the past extreme events are correlated with them. Each experiment, with variable and constant disturbance direction, is repeated with three different constant values of 10, 20 and 30 m/s for the disturbance speed. The model verification on the Split sea level data reveals that the model reproduces most of the events but also overestimates/underestimates some of them and creates some false events due to the rigid assumption of a constant disturbance speed. The best agreement with data is obtained in the model runs assuming a disturbance speed of 20 m/s. A number of trapped and edge waves have been modelled at the constrictions and along the coast, in particular on a shoal that lies off Split perpendicular to the channel axis. The importance of the disturbance direction to the energy content is highlighted, particularly close to the shore, where the difference may be significant at 2–3 times on average, up to 30 cm in maximum amplitude.



Vilibić, I. / Beg Paklar, G.: High-frequency atmospherically-induced oscillations in the middle Adriatic coastal area. 2006. Copernicus Publications.


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