New tool for the spatio-temporal variation analysis of seismic parameters

Papadopoulos, G. A.; Baskoutas, I.

In this paper a new research tool called FastBEE (Fast Estimation of Expected Big Earthquake) is proposed, for the analysis of three basic seismic parameters, (the number of earthquakes N, b-value, and the seismic energy released in the form logE 2/3), in order to examine their spatio-temporal variation behavior. The developed research tool is suited to analyze earthquake catalogs and it comprise new interactive visualization techniques for the exploration of the results. The tool was tested in several seismic active areas of the Hellenic territory and a case study of its applicability is presented.

It is observed that the results of the seismicity parameters analysis show a clear temporal fluctuation, with respect to their mean values. Such a behavior can be interpreted as the result of the geodynamic process acting in the region. In several cases the observed significant changes can be related to strong earthquakes, so that they can be considered as precursor indicating the preparation stage for an impending strong earthquake activity.



Papadopoulos, G. A. / Baskoutas, I.: New tool for the spatio-temporal variation analysis of seismic parameters. 2009. Copernicus Publications.


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