Soil moisture initialization effects in the Indian monsoon system

Asharaf, S.; Dobler, A.; Ahrens, B.

Towards the goal to understand the role of land-surface processes over the Indian sub-continent, a series of soil-moisture sensitivity simulations have been performed using a non-hydrostatic regional climate model COSMO-CLM. The experiments were driven by the lateral boundary conditions provided by the ERA-Interim (ECMWF) reanalysis. The simulation results show that the pre-monsoonal soil moisture has a significant influence on the monsoonal precipitation. Both, positive and negative soil-moisture precipitation (S-P) feedback processes are of importance. The negative S-P feedback process is especially influential in the western and the northern parts of India.



Asharaf, S. / Dobler, A. / Ahrens, B.: Soil moisture initialization effects in the Indian monsoon system. 2011. Copernicus Publications.


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