Technical note: Late Pliocene age control and composite depths at ODP Site 982, revisited

Khélifi, N.; Sarnthein, M.; Naafs, B. D. A.

Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 982 provided a key sediment section at Rockall Plateau for reconstructing northeast Atlantic paleoceanography and monitoring benthic δ 18O stratigraphy over the late Pliocene to Quaternary onset of major Northern Hemisphere glaciation. A renewed hole-specific inspection of magnetostratigraphic reversals and the addition of epibenthic δ 18O records for short Pliocene sections in holes 982A, B, and C, crossing core breaks in the δ 18O record published for Hole 982B, now imply a major revision of composite core depths. After tuning to the orbitally tuned reference record LR04, the new composite δ 18O record results in a hiatus, where the Kaena magnetic subchron might have been lost, and in a significant age reduction for all proxy records by 130 to 20 ky over the time span 3.2–2.7 million years ago (Ma). Our study demonstrates the general significance of reliable composite-depth scales and δ 18O stratigraphies in ODP sediment records for generating ocean-wide correlations in paleoceanography. The new concept of age control makes the late Pliocene trends in SST (sea surface temperature) and atmospheric pCO 2 at Site 982 more consistent with various paleoclimate trends published from elsewhere in the North Atlantic.



Khélifi, N. / Sarnthein, M. / Naafs, B. D. A.: Technical note: Late Pliocene age control and composite depths at ODP Site 982, revisited. 2012. Copernicus Publications.


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