Quality control procedures at Euskalmet data center

Hernández, R.; Maruri, M.; Otxoa de Alda, K.; Egaña, J.; Gaztelumendi, S.

The Basque Country Mesonet measures more than 130 000 observations daily from its 85 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS). It becomes clear that automated software is an indispensable tool for quality assurance (QA) of this mesoscale surface observing network. This work describes a set of experimental semi-automatic quality control (QC) routines that is applied at Euskalmet data center. It has paid special attention to level validation design and associated flags, as well as to the system outputs, which are used by meteorologist and maintenance staff.



Hernández, R. / Maruri, M. / Otxoa de Alda, K. / et al: Quality control procedures at Euskalmet data center. 2012. Copernicus Publications.


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