An integrated flask sample collection system for greenhouse gas measurements

Turnbull, J.; Guenther, D.; Karion, A.; Sweeney, C.; Anderson, E.; Andrews, A.; Kofler, J.; Miles, N.; Newberger, T.; Richardson, S.; Tans, P.

A one hour integrated flask sampling system to collect air in automated NOAA/ESRL 12-flask packages is described. The integrating compressor system uses a mass flow controller to regulate the flow of air through a 15 l volume, thus providing a mixture of air collected over an hour-long period. By beginning with a high flow rate of 3.8 standard liters per minute and gradually decreasing the flow rate over time to 0.29 standard liters per minute it is possible to obtain a nearly uniformly time averaged sample of air and collect it into a pressurized 0.7 l flask. The weighting function determining the air mixture obtained is described in detail. Laboratory and field tests demonstrate that the integrated sample approximates a simple mean of air collected during the one-hour sampling time.



Turnbull, J. / Guenther, D. / Karion, A. / et al: An integrated flask sample collection system for greenhouse gas measurements. 2012. Copernicus Publications.


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