Interball-1 observations of flux transfer events

Korotova, G. I.; Sibeck, D. G.; Petrov, V. I.

We present the results of a survey of 807 FTEs observed by Interball-1 on the mid- and high-latitude dayside and flank magnetopause. Dayside magnetosheath events show a strong tendency to occur for southward magnetosheath magnetic fields suggesting origin via component (or perhaps antiparallel) reconnection near the equatorial plane. Flank FTEs occur for both magnetosheath magnetic field orientations with only a slight preference for southward magnetosheath magnetic fields. These events are consistent with generation along an extended subsolar component reconnection line for all IMF orientations or a combination of reconnection along a subsolar component reconnection line for southward IMF and antiparallel reconnection at higher latitudes for northward IMF. The distribution of direct and reverse magnetosheath FTEs and the tilt angle of the reconnection line for dawnward and duskward IMF are in a good agreement with the theoretical predictions of the component merging model. The clear anticorrelation between the magnitude of the east/west (Bm) perturbation observed within magnetosphere FTEs versus Bm in the magnetosheath also demands an explanation of the FTEs in terms of reconnection along a tilted subsolar merging line, e.g. in terms of component merging.



Korotova, G. I. / Sibeck, D. G. / Petrov, V. I.: Interball-1 observations of flux transfer events. 2012. Copernicus Publications.


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