Design of RF MEMS based switch matrix for space applications

Di Nardo, S.; Farinelli, P.; Kim, T.; Marcelli, R.; Margesin, B.; Paola, E.; Pochesci, D.; Vietzorreck, L.; Vitulli, F.

RF MEMS based switch matrices have several advantages compared to the mechanical or solid-state switch based ones for space applications. They are compact, light and less lossy with a high linearity up to high frequency. In this work, a 12 × 12 switch matrix with RF MEMS and LTCC technologies is presented based on the planar Beneš network. The simulated performance of the 12 × 12 switch matrix is below −12 dB IL (Insertion Loss) up to C band and −15 dB RL (Return Loss) up to Ku band. Moreover, it has a good isolation better than −50 dB. A 4 × 4 switch matrix with the same design process and technologies is fabricated and measured to verify the 12 × 12 switch matrix design process. The measured performance agrees very well to the simulations.



Di Nardo, S. / Farinelli, P. / Kim, T. / et al: Design of RF MEMS based switch matrix for space applications. 2013. Copernicus Publications.


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