Eigenvalue extraction from time domain computations

Banova, T.; Ackermann, W.; Weiland, T.

In this paper we address a fast approach for an accurate eigenfrequency extraction, taken into consideration the evaluated electric field computations in time domain of a superconducting resonant structure. Upon excitation of the cavity, the electric field intensity is recorded at different detection probes inside the cavity. Thereafter, we perform Fourier analysis of the recorded signals and by means of fitting techniques with the theoretical cavity response model (in support of the applied excitation) we extract the requested eigenfrequencies by finding the optimal model parameters in least square sense. The major challenges posed by our work are: first, the ability of the approach to tackle the large scale eigenvalue problem and second, the capability to extract many, i.e. order of thousands, eigenfrequencies for the considered cavity. At this point, we demonstrate that the proposed approach is able to extract many eigenfrequencies of a closed resonator in a relatively short time. In addition to the need to ensure a high precision of the calculated eigenfrequencies, we compare them side by side with the reference data available from CEM3D eigenmode solver. Furthermore, the simulations have shown high accuracy of this technique and good agreement with the reference data. Finally, all of the results indicate that the suggested technique can be used for precise extraction of many eigenfrequencies based on time domain field computations.



Banova, T. / Ackermann, W. / Weiland, T.: Eigenvalue extraction from time domain computations. 2013. Copernicus Publications.


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