An Incremental Map Building Approach via Static Stixel Integration

Muffert, M.; Anzt, S.; Franke, U.

This paper presents a stereo-vision based incremental mapping approach for urban regions. As input, we use the 3D representation called multi-layered Stixel World which is computed from dense disparity images. More and more, researchers of Driver Assistance Systems rely on efficient and compact 3D representations like the Stixel World. The developed mapping approach takes into account the motion state of obstacles, as well as free space information obtained from the Stixel World. The presented work is based on the well known occupancy grid mapping technique and is formulated with evidential theory. A detailed sensor model is described which is used to determine the information whether a grid cell is occupied, free or has an unknown state. The map update is solved in a time recursive manner by using the Dempster‘s Rule of Combination. 3D results of complex inner city regions are shown and are compared with Google Earth images.



Muffert, M. / Anzt, S. / Franke, U.: An Incremental Map Building Approach via Static Stixel Integration. 2013. Copernicus Publications.


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