Effect of relocation and sire lineage on behaviour and milk yield of dairy cows

Broucek, J.; Uhrincat, M.; Palkovicova, Z.; Tancin, V.; Hanus, A.

The objective of the present study was to analyse the maintenance behaviour of cows after shift from tie-stall barn to free-stall barn. The activities were analysed in relation to the time of moving of the cows. Forty-one Holstein cows were used. Cows were observed for three 24-h (first, second and tenth day) periods after moving into the new barn with free-stall housing. The shortest times of lying and ruminating were recorded at the first day after relocation (336.3 min, 628.0 min, 756.1 min, P<0.001; 318.0 min, 325.0 min, 440.5 min, P<0.001). The longest time was recorded for the duration of standing (1 103.7 min, 811.9 min, 683.9 min, P<0.001). The period’s number of lying and ruminating were the lowest at the first day and highest at the tenth day after relocation (7.34, 14.07, 16.34, 14.32, 15.75, 18.58, P<0.001). The opposite trend was found in the period’s number of feeding and standing (17.46, 12.73, 9.54 and 24.93, 18.19 and 12.41; P<0.001). Sires progeny was significantly manifested in times of total lying, standing ( P<0.05) and feeding ( P<0.01) as well as in the number of lying periods ( P<0.05). Cows produced significantly less milk at the first day after removing than the last day before (23.76 kg vs. 30.97 kg, P<0.001). Milk yield returned towards basal levels at the 13th day (31.82 kg). Milk production was different among sires.



Broucek, J. / Uhrincat, M. / Palkovicova, Z. / et al: Effect of relocation and sire lineage on behaviour and milk yield of dairy cows. 2013. FBN Dummerstorf.


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