Effects of Building Primitive Library and Automatic Correction of Roof Topology Graph

Xiong, B.; Oude Elberink, S.; Vosselman, G.

The reconstruction of 3D building models has been extensively researched in the last decade. The model driven methods, which fit building parts to predefined building primitives and glue them together into complete buildings, have been proved to be powerful. This paper solves two open questions left in prior works. Firstly, the primitive building libraries defined in literature are limited to few types of building structures. Therefore the undefined types of buildings could not be well represented by the primitive libraries. Secondly, the roof topology graphs used for interpreting the roof structures are assumed to be correct in previous works. In many cases, however, the roof topology graphs are inevitably wrong because of outliers in input data and errors in their construction steps. In this paper we solve the two problems and compare the improvements with prior woks. We introduce a complete building library, which can present planer buildings with arbitrary structures, and present an automatic method to correct the erroneous roof topology graph. Experiments show our method is robust to reconstruct buildings in both resident and commercial areas.



Xiong, B. / Oude Elberink, S. / Vosselman, G.: Effects of Building Primitive Library and Automatic Correction of Roof Topology Graph. 2013. Copernicus Publications.


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