Evamapper: A Novel Matlab Toolbox For Evapotranspiration Mapping

Atasever, Ü. H.; Kesikoğlu, M. H.; Özkan, C.

Water consumption has been exceeding as the world population increases. Therefore, it is very important to manage water resources with care as it is not an endless resource. The Water loss in regional scale is the key phenomena to accomplish this goal. One of the main components of this phenomenon is evapotraspiration (ET) due to being one of the most important parameter for the management of water resources. Until recent years, evapotranspiration calculations were performed locally, using data obtained from weather stations. But for a successful water management, regional evapotranspiration maps are required. Different approaches are used to compute regional ETs. Among them, the direct measurement methods are not cost-effective and regionalized. For costeffective and regional ET mapping, Surface Energy Balance Algorithm (SEBAL) is the most known and effective technique. In this study, EvaMapper Toolbox which is based on SEBAL approach are developed for regional evapotranspiration mapping in MATLAB. By this toolbox, researchers can apply SEBAL technique which has a very complex structure to their study area easily through entering regional parameter values.



Atasever, Ü. H. / Kesikoğlu, M. H. / Özkan, C.: Evamapper: A Novel Matlab Toolbox For Evapotranspiration Mapping. 2013. Copernicus Publications.


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