Efficient modeling of height datum based on GIS

Qiao, Q.

Since the proposal of Digital Earth, its research and applications are continuing to be deepened, and now Smart City is more indepth implementation of the Digital Earth. The unification of global or regional vertical datums has always been one of the main geodesy studies to achieve Smart City, as Smart City must first realize the seamless integration of multi-source geo-dataset. This paper introduces spatio-temporal data management and interactive visualization into the entire process of vertical datum modelling. We demonstrate that the efficiency of modelling is greatly improved. In this paper GIS database is used to manage all dataset such as tidal station data, gravity field model data, GPS leveling data, and vertical datum data for evaluation and analysis. We use geographic information visualization technique to graphically display the results, together with the interactive browsing, to convert tedious digital information to easy-to-understand images. Consequently, researchers can quickly and comprehensively grasp the macro and micro information. Finally, an efficient and interactive prototype operating platforms for vertical datum modeling is constructed based on GIS.



Qiao, Q.: Efficient modeling of height datum based on GIS. 2014. Copernicus Publications.


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