The Design and Implementation of Spatial Data Explorer based on Shell

Liu, D.; Sun, Q.; Wang, G.; Qiao, L.

Spatial data is core of the Geographic Information System (Shorter form the GIS). Spatial data management is an important part of the GIS, many present spatial data management systems are usually only attached importance to storing and managing graphical data and attribute data of GIS in RDBMS. Making use of a spatial database technology to realize the integrated management, but this is not satisfied to quick access and management for many users. However, considering one way of the visual management, using the shell namespace extension framework and a registered mode integrated with the windows explorer, this paper has designed and developed a visual management component of data explorer about the spatial data in GIS so as to convenient to manager the distribution, multi-source, heterogeneous data. In addition, according to the requirements, users could organize the spatial data and access and manage quickly huge amounts of spatial data.



Liu, D. / Sun, Q. / Wang, G. / et al: The Design and Implementation of Spatial Data Explorer based on Shell. 2014. Copernicus Publications.


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