A non-conventional procedure for the 3D modeling of WWI forts

Nocerino, E.; Fiorillo, F.; Minto, S.; Menna, F.; Remondino, F.

2014 is the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War (WWI) – or Great War – in Europe and a number of initiatives have been planned to commemorate the tragic event. Until 1918, the Italian Trentino – Alto Adige region was under the Austro – Hungarian Empire and represented one of the most crucial and bloody war front between the Austrian and Italian territories. The region borders were constellated of military fortresses, theatre of battles between the two opposite troops. Unfortunately, most of these military buildings are now ruined and their architectures can be hardly appreciated. The paper presents the initial results of the VAST project (VAlorizzazione Storia e Territorio – Valorization of History and Landscape), that aims to digitally reconstruct the forts located on the plateaus of Luserna, Lavarone and Folgaria. An integrated methodology has been adopted to collect and employ all possible source of information in order to derive precise and photo-realistic 3D digital representations of WWI forts.



Nocerino, E. / Fiorillo, F. / Minto, S. / et al: A non-conventional procedure for the 3D modeling of WWI forts. 2014. Copernicus Publications.


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