Site-dependent decrease of odour-related peak-to-mean factors with distance

Piringer, M.; Knauder, W.; Petz, E.; Schauberger, G.

The peak-to-mean concept developed earlier by the authors to calculate odour-related separation distances is applied here to meteorological input for dispersion models provided by ultrasonic anemometers. In addition to conventional meteorological input parameters like wind direction, wind speed and stability classes, three-dimensional sonics provide also turbulence information via the Obukhov stability parameter and the variance of the wind speed, which can be used directly to determine peak-to-mean ratios depending on the distance from the source. The influence and importance of these site-specific peak-to-mean ratios on the resulting direction-dependent separation distances is investigated and discussed.



Piringer, M. / Knauder, W. / Petz, E. / et al: Site-dependent decrease of odour-related peak-to-mean factors with distance. 2014. Copernicus Publications.


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