The MOPITT Version 6 product: algorithm enhancements and validation

Deeter, M. N.; Martínez-Alonso, S.; Edwards, D. P.; Emmons, L. K.; Gille, J. C.; Worden, H. M.; Sweeney, C.; Pittman, J. V.; Daube, B. C.; Wofsy, S. C.

The Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) Version 6 (V6) product for carbon monoxide (CO) incorporates several enhancements which will benefit many users of MOPITT data. V6 algorithm improvements are described in detail, and V6 validation results are presented. First, a geolocation bias related to the orientation of the MOPITT instrument relative to the TERRA platform was characterized and eliminated. Second, the variable a priori for CO concentrations for V6 is based on simulations performed with the chemical transport model Community Atmosphere Model with Chemistry (CAM-chem) for the years 2000–2009 instead of the model-derived climatology for 1997–2004 used for V5. Third, meteorological fields required for V6 retrieval processing are extracted from the MERRA (Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis For Research And Applications) reanalysis. Finally, a significant latitude-dependent retrieval bias in the upper troposphere in Version 5 products has been substantially reduced.



Deeter, M. N. / Martínez-Alonso, S. / Edwards, D. P. / et al: The MOPITT Version 6 product: algorithm enhancements and validation. 2014. Copernicus Publications.


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