C-IFS-CB05-BASCOE: stratospheric chemistry in the Integrated Forecasting System of ECMWF

Huijnen, Vincent; Flemming, Johannes; Chabrillat, Simon; Errera, Quentin; Christophe, Yves; Blechschmidt, Anne-Marlene; Richter, Andreas; Eskes, Henk

We present a model description and benchmark evaluation of an extension of the tropospheric chemistry module in the Integrated Forecasting System (IFS) of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) with stratospheric chemistry, referred to as C-IFS-CB05-BASCOE (for brevity here referred to as C-IFS-TS). The stratospheric chemistry originates from the one used in the Belgian Assimilation System for Chemical ObsErvations (BASCOE), and is here combined with the modified CB05 chemistry module for the troposphere as currently used operationally in the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS). In our approach either the tropospheric or stratospheric chemistry module is applied, depending on the altitude of each individual grid box with respect to the tropopause. An evaluation of a 2.5-year long C-IFS-TS simulation with respect to various satellite retrieval products and in situ observations indicates good performance of the system in terms of stratospheric ozone, and a general improvement in terms of stratospheric composition compared to the C-IFS predecessor model version. Possible issues with transport processes in the stratosphere are identified. This marks a key step towards a chemistry module within IFS that encompasses both tropospheric and stratospheric composition, and could expand the CAMS analysis and forecast capabilities in the near future.



Huijnen, Vincent / Flemming, Johannes / Chabrillat, Simon / et al: C-IFS-CB05-BASCOE: stratospheric chemistry in the Integrated Forecasting System of ECMWF. 2016. Copernicus Publications.


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