Global ocean particulate organic carbon flux merged with satellite parameters

Mouw, Colleen B.; Barnett, Audrey; McKinley, Galen A.; Gloege, Lucas; Pilcher, Darren

Particulate organic carbon (POC) flux estimated from POC concentration observations from sediment traps and 234Th are compiled across the global ocean. The compilation includes six time series locations: CARIACO, K2, OSP, BATS, OFP, and HOT. Efficiency of the biological pump of carbon to the deep ocean depends largely on biologically mediated export of carbon from the surface ocean and its remineralization with depth; thus biologically related parameters able to be estimated from satellite observations were merged at the POC observation sites. Satellite parameters include net primary production, percent microplankton, sea surface temperature, photosynthetically active radiation, diffuse attenuation coefficient at 490 nm, euphotic zone depth, and climatological mixed layer depth. Of the observations across the globe, 85 % are concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere with 44 % of the data record overlapping the satellite record. Time series sites accounted for 36 % of the data, while 71 % of the data are measured at  ≥  500 m with the most common deployment depths between 1000 and 1500 m. This data set is valuable for investigations of CO 2 drawdown, carbon export, remineralization, and sequestration. The compiled data can be freely accessed at



Mouw, Colleen B. / Barnett, Audrey / McKinley, Galen A. / et al: Global ocean particulate organic carbon flux merged with satellite parameters. 2016. Copernicus Publications.


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