Severe weather as a spectacle: the Meteo-Show

Orbe, Iñaki; Gaztelumendi, Santiago

In this work we focus on perhaps one of the worst journalist practice when dealing with severe weather, the Meteo-Show or the extended practice, especially in TV, for using weather and meteorology for spectacle. Journalism today has found weather information in a real goldmine in terms of audience due to the growing public interest in this matter. However, as it happens with other content, sensationalism and exaggeration have also reached weather information, primarily when episodes of adverse nature (snow, heavy rain, floods, etc.) are addressed. In this paper we look to identify the worst practices in weather communication through analysis of examples from real journalist work. We present some keys to understand this trend, highlighting the ingredients that are present in the worst Meteo-show.



Orbe, Iñaki / Gaztelumendi, Santiago: Severe weather as a spectacle: the Meteo-Show. 2017. Copernicus Publications.


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