Multi-scale analysis of compressible fluctuations in the solar wind

Roberts, Owen W.; Narita, Yasuhito; Escoubet, C.-Philippe

Compressible plasma turbulence is investigated in the fast solar wind at proton kinetic scales by the combined use of electron density and magnetic field measurements. Both the scale-dependent cross-correlation (CC) and the reduced magnetic helicity (inline-formulaσm) are used in tandem to determine the properties of the compressible fluctuations at proton kinetic scales. At inertial scales the turbulence is hypothesised to contain a mixture of Alfvénic and slow waves, characterised by weak magnetic helicity and anti-correlation between magnetic field strength inline-formulaB and electron density inline-formulane. At proton kinetic scales the observations suggest that the fluctuations have stronger positive magnetic helicities as well as strong anti-correlations within the frequency range studied. These results are interpreted as being characteristic of either counter-propagating kinetic Alfvén wave packets or a mixture of anti-sunward kinetic Alfvén waves along with a component of kinetic slow waves.

keywordsKeywords. Interplanetary physics (MHD waves and turbulence)



Roberts, Owen W. / Narita, Yasuhito / Escoubet, C.-Philippe: Multi-scale analysis of compressible fluctuations in the solar wind. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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