Tripolar electric field Structure in guide field magnetic reconnection

Fu, Song; Huang, Shiyong; Zhou, Meng; Ni, Binbin; Deng, Xiaohua

It has been shown that the guide field substantially modifies the structure of the reconnection layer. For instance, the Hall magnetic and electric fields are distorted in guide field reconnection compared to reconnection without guide fields (i.e., anti-parallel reconnection). In this paper, we performed 2.5-D electromagnetic full particle simulation to study the electric field structures in magnetic reconnection under different initial guide fields (inline-formulaBg). Once the amplitude of a guide field exceeds 0.3 times the asymptotic magnetic field inline-formulaB0, the traditional bipolar Hall electric field is clearly replaced by a tripolar electric field, which consists of a newly emerged electric field and the bipolar Hall electric field. The newly emerged electric field is a convective electric field about one ion inertial length away from the neutral sheet. It arises from the disappearance of the Hall electric field due to the substantial modification of the magnetic field and electric current by the imposed guide field. The peak magnitude of this new electric field increases linearly with the increment of guide field strength. Possible applications of these results to space observations are also discussed.

keywordsKeywords. Space plasma physics (magnetic reconnection)



Fu, Song / Huang, Shiyong / Zhou, Meng / et al: Tripolar electric field Structure in guide field magnetic reconnection. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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