From conceptual modeling to a map

Gotlib, Dariusz; Olszewski, Robert

Nowadays almost every map is a component of the information system. Design and production of maps requires the use of specific rules for modeling information systems: conceptual, application and data modelling. While analyzing various stages of cartographic modeling the authors ask the question: at what stage of this process a map occurs. Can we say that the “life of the map” begins even before someone define its form of presentation? This question is particularly important at the time of exponentially increasing number of new geoinformation products. During the analysis of the theory of cartography and relations of the discipline to other fields of knowledge it has been attempted to define a few properties of cartographic modeling which distinguish the process from other methods of spatial modeling. Assuming that the map is a model of reality (created in the process of cartographic modeling supported by domain-modeling) the article proposes an analogy of the process of cartographic modeling to the scheme of conceptual modeling presented in ISO 19101 standard.



Gotlib, Dariusz / Olszewski, Robert: From conceptual modeling to a map. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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