How to learn Thematic Cartography in the context of Geosciences and Engineering? Towards a new pedagogical proposal

Vargas, German Giovanni; Rocha, Luz Angela

This paper aims to expose the development of a educational proposal supported in the use of ICT, adopting for this purpose the methodology of instructional design ADDIE, widely used in the design and development of e-learning courses, which offer the possibility of analyzing the results obtained from an individual assessment of each one of these phases and make the feedback respective to the whole process, therefore it allowing assess the effectiveness of the training in terms of its quality and relevance in the academic and professional work of learners, with the goal of helping the process of teaching-learning of Thematic Cartography applied to the study of Geosciences through the design and implementation of a free course in a virtual environment. In this sense the course allows to highlight the scope of the thematic map as a support tool for smart land management in Colombia. The final result is a theoretical and practical virtual course proposed to be developed over a period of five weeks with a total of fifty hours of academic work by the learner, oriented to facilitate the appropriation of concepts, criteria and techniques for reading and apply graphical representation of geospatial information, used and produced in the theme of Geosciences and the use of web tools for geo-visualization and publication. Likewise, this paper offers a short discussion of the opportunities and challenges that involve the course construction, to join efforts that motivate innovation and continuous improvement in transfer quality knowledge in this discipline.



Vargas, German Giovanni / Rocha, Luz Angela: How to learn Thematic Cartography in the context of Geosciences and Engineering? Towards a new pedagogical proposal. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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