The application of Mike Urban model in drainage and waterlogging in Lincheng county, China

Luan, Qinghua; Zhang, Kun; Liu, Jiahong; Wang, Dong; Ma, Jun

Recently, the water disaster in cities especially in Chinese mountainous cities is more serious, due to the coupling influences of waterlogging and regional floods. It is necessary to study the surface runoff process of mountainous cities and examine the regional drainage pipeline network. In this study, the runoff processes of Lincheng county (located in Hebei province, China) in different scenarios were simulated through Mike Urban model. The results show that all of the runoff process of the old town and the new residential area with larger slope, is significant and full flow of these above zones exists in the part of the drainage pipeline network; and the overflow exists in part of the drainage pipeline network when the return period is ten years or twenty years, which illuminates that the waterlogging risk in this zone of Lincheng is higher. Therefore, remodeling drainage pipeline network in the old town of Lincheng and adding water storage ponds in the new residential areas were suggested. This research provides both technical support and decision-making reference to local storm flood management, also give the experiences for the study on the runoff process of similar cities.



Luan, Qinghua / Zhang, Kun / Liu, Jiahong / et al: The application of Mike Urban model in drainage and waterlogging in Lincheng county, China. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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